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Conan and Red Sonja #4 (of 4)

    Todd Jordan
    Smut is good.

  • Conan and Red Sonja #4 (of 4)

    Published by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: Apr. 29, 2015
    Writers: Gail Simone and Jim Zub
    Artist: Randy Green
    Cover Artist: Dan Panosian
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    The loser of the battle between the Cimmerian and the Hrykanian waits for the sweet release of death, and that loser is Conan. But to his defense he IS infected with the deadly blood root, so he's kind of not at his best. Yeah, Sonja beat him down, but the final blow of her blade isn't coming any time soon; she just can't do it. Instead the two come up with an on-the-spot plan to beat Thoth-Amon and stop his campaign to cover the globe in the alien life form. Come on, its Conan and Red Sonja we're talking about here; no way they'll ever be defeated by some user of vile black magicks.

    Their fight with Thoth-Amon ends, but the blood root turns out to be more than just a plant and the two have yet another fight in front of them. Their enemy seems as though it would be impossible to overcome, but the two greatest barbarians ever to be in song or story don't think twice about the odds and they turn on the animals within them to take down the nightmarish being. But will it be enough to send the beast back though the portal from whence it came? If you read either character even on a passive level, surely you know the answer to that question.

    Simone's and Zub's team-up tale produces some fun moments throughout and the four different meetings over four issues between the warriors makes for an interesting way to tell the story. The two R.E. Howard characters see each other as equals but also as something more, but the two never hook up in that way. Not sure why, maybe out of too much respect for each other and buddy sex might muck that up. No matter, so long as the writing team maintained the sexual tension that remains prevalent when the two sell-swords meet up. Gladly the writers do keep that in mind and it remains an undertone throughout the four issues.

    On the graphics side of things, Randy Green finishes up his two issue job on the story, having replaced Dan Panosian, and his work certainly fulfills the expectations of a Conan or Sonja tale: big Conan, sexy She-Devil, monsters, and mayhem. This issue has its share of full page panels and two-page spreads, too many to be honest (seven pages in total out of twenty-two), and in this story his art works better in the smaller panels. His level of detail is great in the normal-sized panels, but the larger images seem to have too much space not utilized. If he had inked his own work, perhaps that would have changed things and made for a more satisfying end result.

    That isn't to say the artwork is unappreciated, as there are some nice sequences and some pages look great. But the artwork in this mini-series is never up to the caliber of the writing and as a result the overall picture at the end of this Conan/Red Sonja team-up is really good, but doesn't achieve the greatness one might hope for from such an undertaking. Still, a fine read for fans of the two heroes and it should be something anyone can pick up and enjoy. You need not know the decades of comic history of either character to get something out of this series.

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