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Conan and Red Sonja #3 (of 4)

    Todd Jordan
    Smut is good.

  • Conan and Red Sonja #3 (of 4)

    Published by: http://www.darkhorse.comDark Horse Comics
    Released on: Mar. 25, 2014
    Writers: Gail Simone and Jim Zub
    Artist: Randy Green
    Cover Artist: Dan Panosian
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    The two killing machines find themselves smack dab in the middle of a ring of gladiators, the best in the land; a most certain death for anyone other than Conan and Red Sonja. Last chapter they were with Belit and Dark Annisia on the ocean and a lot of time has passed between now and then. Belit is dead and Conan is a brooding, self-pitying mess; Red Sonja is without her partner but seems fine about it. As to how they've come to this third chance meeting has to do with the king of Toth. Remember they killed the prince to get the blood root when they first met? That was this guy's kid and he wants vengeance.

    After doing what they do best, the two find shelter from a drenching storm and Conan lays out a bit of his soul to the sultry red head. Sonja cheers him up a little and then makes her move to really raise his spirits. It looks like things are about to get spicy for the two lonely hearts until that nasty blood root throws a wrench into that operation. Faced now with yet another blood root dilemma, a familiar face shows up and is looking for some payback. He lays out a game for the two warriors to play, and the loser will lose a lot more than just their life.

    Chapter three brings a different artist to the story, comic veteran Randy Green, whose style is different from Panosian's but it does not change the vibe or quality of the book in either direction. Sometimes the faces look a bit out of whack in the anatomical sense and the backgrounds are less populated with lines, but he handles Conan and Sonja well and the end results are quite satisfying.

    The next chapter concludes the tale and with the cliffhanger as it is, it should be a good one. Simone's and Zub's script makes for a great read whether you are a fan of either character (or both) or just looking for some good-time barbarian hijinks.

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