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The Twilight Zone Volume 3 : The Way Back (TPB)

    Mark Tolch
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  • The Twilight Zone Volume 3 : The Way Back (TPB)

    Released By: Dynamite Comics
    Release Date: March 25, 2015.
    Written by: J. Michael Straczynski
    Art by: Guiu Vilanova
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    The Story:

    Ending with the sum of all parts, that being the trade paperbacks of The Way Out and The Way In, The Way Back finds us looking at Mr. Roy Chambers, a private investigator with a recent dry spell in cases and a need for employment. Just when it seems that he may be completely out of options, Roy is approached by corporate mogul Mr. Black, another man desperate, but for different reasons. Having lost his wife when she gave birth to John, his only son, Mr. Black tells the proud tale of a son who turned down his father's initial offers to join the family firm, instead choosing to earn his place in the world.

    Joining the Marine Corps, John did what he could to make a difference in Iraq, earning numerous commendations; but ultimately, his self-doubt over the war being fought brought him back home. Again, his father extended his hand to a life of wealth working for his corporation, and again John turned him down, choosing instead to joint the anti-war movement. While speaking at a Central Park rally, John is gunned down by an assailant who gets away clean, leaving his father to obsess over who killed his boy.

    Black tasks Roy with finding the perpetrator of the 10 year-old murder, but it's not an easy task. The police offer no assistance, having run down every lead numerous times. John's acquaintances are no help either, not having the slightest inkling of who would want to harm such an upstanding young man. Only when Roy's girlfriend suggests that he put himself in place of John to try to discover new leads, as well as a random suggestion from the mysterious Mr. Wylde does he begin to make headway; but this new lead takes place in the form of time travel back to the night of the crime. But of course, it's not as easy as taking out the assailant before John catches a bullet...Roy is going to have to find somebody to die in John's place.

    As with the other books in this series, The Way Back is all about characters making decisions that will have a drastic outcome on themselves and the world around them. J. Michael Straczynski expertly weaves characters not only from this book, but from the previous trade paperbacks as well, awing and confounding as the story lines come together to tell the tale of a small section of time in New York City. Although it was a bit of a stretch toward the end to recall those earlier events, once it happens...boy howdy, the reader realizes how much complexity "The Bigger Picture" involves. Guiu Vilanova's artwork is almost flawless, with each panel popping with detail and accompanying the story nicely.

    The Final Word:

    What does it all mean? Why are we here? These answers and others may be The Twilight Zone.....Volume 3....The Way Back.....Trade Paperback.

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