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Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out #2

    Todd Jordan
    Smut is good.

  • Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out #2

    Published by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: Dec. 24, 2014
    Writer: Alex de Campi
    Artist: R.M. Guera
    Cover: R.M. Guera
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    Click HERE for last issue's write-up.

    Part two, and the conclusion, of “Slay Ride” puts Shayla and her grandmother, Mother Wolf, smack dab in the middle of fighting the murderous entities stalking their family; entities that represent sins it would seem. Shayla has a lot of demons in her closet, and those demons are exploited to their fullest, including a couple of kids that she had aborted now coming back to eat her alive. But Shayla's tough, a chip off her grandmother's old block, and dying isn't among the things on her “to do” list on this night. Mother Wolf isn't faring to well though, as the cancer has ravaged her body and she is pretty sure she won't last the night.

    When a little girl shows up at the door asking for help for her blind little sister, a child Mother Wolf knows and took a shine too at some point, and Shayla is convinced quickly by Mother Wolf to help the kids. That leads them back to the little girl's house where all are dead but the blind girl. And she's not alone at the homestead either: the last of the costumed killers is there too, looking to kill the rest of the clan. It's up to Shayla to find her inner strength to overcome the odds and come to terms with who she is and what she believes in.

    Reading the “the story until now…” paragraph at the beginning sparked the need for a re-read of the first issue because it sounded like a similar comic, but not what this reader got out of it. And upon the re-read, information from the summation of issue one still caused some head scratching. Alex de Campi takes a slightly different direction with this story, seeming more like an allegory for clean living than a straight up horror story. Shayla is a sex-fiend and a heavy boozer, two things that come back to haunt her and seemingly propel the evil things to want to punish her quite severely, i.e. kill her. She needs to dig deep to find something in her she didn't know was there in order to come out alive on the oterh end of the ordeal. While “Slay Ride” doesn't reach the level of satisfaction as other tales in her Grindhouse series, it still has a good sleaze quotient and certainly plenty of violence and gore. The interiors by R.M. Guera help that out quite nicely, and the coloring by Guila Brusco keeps the mood of the book bleak and desolate, giving the tale a nice underbelly of death and dying.

    The next 2-issue story, “Blood Lagoon”, will feature the return of a character from a past story, fighting monstrous ticks in a small town. That one's bound to be bloody, and can't come soon enough.

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