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Samurai Jack #11

    Ian Jane

  • Samurai Jack #11

    Released by: IDW Publishing
    Released on: August 20th, 2014.
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    Once again written by Jim Zubkavich and illustrated by Andy Suriano (who returns after handing over artistic duties for the last few issues), Samurai Jack #11 begins with an old man going about his business when all of a sudden his day is interrupted by a samurai doing battle with a massive scorpion! The scorpion is put down and the old man welcomes Jack who in turn offers his hello to 'Soule The Seer.' The head into Soule's humble abode and share some tea after which Soule is able to see Jack's past, which obviously ties into his quest to get back to his own time.

    Soule, in between coughing fits, tells Jack in a very Manowar-esque moment that the steel of his sword is strong enough to reconnect him to his past should the proper ritual be performed. Soule tells him that the pending eclipse will provide the opportune moment for him to perform the ritual and so they set about preparing - it seems the old man has a grudge against Aku and he wants to set things right. Together they travel across the land towards a massive stone temple where Soule warns that the temple guardians may try to stop them. Jack will have to keep them from interrupting him but will not be able to use his sword to do so. When the guardians (which Jack accurately notes are Hellhounds) arrive he heads into bloody battle with them while Soule beings the ritual…

    The story ends with a cliffhanger ensuring that we're definitely going to be tuning in next month to see how this all plays out and as such, it's tough to really chime in too much on the merits of the story. With that having been said, Zubkavich sets things up effectively and turns some of the 'little details' of the story into a major plot device in a clever way. Zub's penchant for humor both subtle and not so subtle is once again a big part of the story too (at one point during their journey together Soule offers Jack some delicious scorpion jerky!) and he continues to show a proper understanding of what makes the character work as well as he does.

    Suriano's artwork is just as solid as the first few issues of the series that he was tasked with illustrating. We get an interesting mix of thick lines and sketchier work in the fast moving action scenes with thick inky blacks helping to deliver it all with a style befitting the series and entirely in keeping with its animated inspiration. Josh Burcham continues to work his excellent coloring skills across each and every page of the book and yeah, this one comes together nicely. Let's see where they take it in the next chapter…

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