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King Conan: The Conqueror #6 (of 6)

    Todd Jordan
    Smut is good.

  • King Conan: The Conqueror #6 (of 6)

    Published by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: July 30, 2014
    Writer: Timothy Truman
    Artist: Tomí¡s Giorello
    Cover: Tomí¡s Giorello
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    Conan seeks to re-claim his throne and fulfill his promise to Zenobia that he would come back to free her, and with the help of his old banner men and those who see him as their true king, her sets out to do complete his tasks. The ancient wizard Xaltotun thinks he has the Cimmerian right by the short hairs, but we all know that won't be a successful venture for the dusty old man. But he does have one card up his sleeve, and if he plays it right….nah he won't. We all know who's going to win this battle, but Truman's usual talent for writing outstanding Conan tales makes it a battle well worth visiting.

    And battle it is. It's epic for sure, but the focus is on the activities of Xaltotun and his ritual of sacrifice he's holding during the big battle. He's knows what the chink in Conan's armor is and he will exploit it, as wells as eviscerate said armor chink. Zenobia is on the slab to be stabbed, but not on Conan's watch. He's got an ace in the hole: remember that Heart of Ahriman? It doesn't much care for the likes of Xaltotun and his magic any more than Conan does. King Conan obviously regains his crown, since throughout the six issue mini-series he's been telling his story, as a king, to the court scribe, but what a ride to get to that point.

    And so ends the epic 12-issue story line, which started with the series “The Hour of the Dragon”, and so ends one of the absolute best Conan comic book stories since Dark Horse obtained the rights to tell his tales. The Conqueror is a real page turner throughout and once they marry it seamlessly with Dragon in a 300-page book, it will no doubt be even more enjoyable to sit down and pour through. If you ever wanted to turn someone on to Conan comics, that book there will be the litmus test. It's everything a Conan comic book should be and it's a sad thing to see an end to Truman's and Giorello's collaboration.

    • Ian Jane
      Ian Jane
      Ian Jane commented
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      You're right, this is the best thing DH has done with Conan since they took it over. It's pretty much damn near perfect.

    • Todd Jordan
      Todd Jordan
      Smut is good.
      Todd Jordan commented
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      Yeah it totally was near perfect. I truly was bummed to see it end.
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