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Conan the Avenger #4

    Todd Jordan
    Smut is good.

  • Conan the Avenger #4

    Published by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: July 23, 2014
    Writer: Fred Van Lente
    Artist: Eduardo Francisco
    Cover artist: Fiona Staples
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    So Conan is now the captain of the royal guard, having been given the job by Princess Tanada; Agara the witch-hunter has rallied up the oppressed people and the king of Kush is under attack. So Conan fights those he was kind of helping (sort of). The attack doesn't amount to much for the rebelling party, but takes up half the issue and gives the book's new penciler Eduardo Francisco the opportunity to flex his muscles.

    After the battle Conan gets an order from the princess, the sister of the rotund king, and he isn't too keen on carrying it out. So she uses his barbarian penis instead. Apparently she doesn't do it for the man, as he instead puts the face of his beloved and dead girlfriend Belit in the princess's place. It seems a ghost has more going on than she does. Whatever works, man.

    The story of the princess deepens in this issue, putting her more in the forefront as a player, and someone not very close to her kingly brother. She's in the middle of scheming and she's got to be using Conan, but whether he's figured it out or not is another story. Or rather, a story that still has yet to play out.

    This issue is split right down the middle between fast moving action in the form of a battle, and lots of interaction afterward between characters. The first half zips by wicked fast, but slows down to a better pace after the mayhem. The new artist on the book keeps the feel of the previous artist's style, but his output is far more satisfying than his predecessor. Gone are the oddly proportioned people; gone is the awful look of Conan as delivered by Brian Ching. And the new guy, Francisco? He has a much better approach to the character's look and stature.

    Fiona Staples provides the cover to this issue, with a painting that has nothing to do with the books contents, as there is no large cat in the comic, but it's so far the best cover of the four issues. It's nice that Dark Horse has used a different cover artist on each issue, but Ms. Staples would be a welcome addition to the regular team, alongside the relief to the eyes that Eduardo brings. Things just feel better with this issue; like everything fits better.

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