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The Victories #12

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  • The Victories #12

    Published by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: June 4, 2014


    The story continues to unfold, pulling in more of the behind-the-scenes players at each step. Here, then, the issue opens with the uber-secretive Bilderberg Society speaking to the recent events involving the Victories and the Advisors. The leader here, a Mr. Parsons, speaks to their own group being those that the ancient alien Annukai - the group being courted by the Advisors as their “true heirs” - will select as the new gods.

    The world's governments have collapsed in recent events and, in the chaos, the Victories are fighting what seems to be a losing battle. They've discovered/been led to information regarding the Annukai and ancient charts of the stars. But the biggest concern of Sleeper, Sai and Mephisto is finding their teammate/friend/and more, Lady Dragon. Sleeper does his thing to enter a dream state, opening the edges of consciousness, to find her. But his foray here encounters a strong protection on the Lady Dragon and he gets transformed into something else entirely.

    The Lady Dragon, for her part, has - to all appearances - thrown in her lot with her estranged father in the Advisors. She sees the traps they're planning for the Victories and just collects information, being protected in her supposed decision by ancient “gods” that want her powers badly. Meanwhile, her former teammates discover her siding with their enemies and also figure out that whatever's going down is coming the following day and bet that she will be where the cosmic maps are pointing them all then. A showdown awaits!

    The issue concludes with some backstory for Sai and how he was approached by Metatron to join the Victories.
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