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The Crow: Pestilence #3

    Mark Tolch
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  • The Crow: Pestilence #3

    Released By: IDW Publishing
    Release Date: May 7, 2014

    The Story:

    When we last left Salvador in the second book of the Pestilence series, he was dealing out some bloody retribution on Mange Hound (Note: I called him Mange Dog in the last review) for having a part in the Saint Death Cult that murdered his family. Book #3, not surprisingly, contains more of the same and finds Salvador on the heels (hehe) of "Flesh Dog", who is also one of the flesh/drug/murder peddlers who follows Saint Death.

    Salvador times his arrival well, showing up with his birdly associate just as a deal is going down involving drugs, girls, cockfighting, ....everything but the fabled kitchen sink. Again, a violent centrepiece is arranged as the focal point of the comic, but this time Santa Muerte herself shows up to the party to take care of Salvador.

    To say anymore would be to spoil this already ridiculous storyline. With another issue down, it seems important to note that each book in this series concerns itself with Salvador tracking down a member of the SDC, doing them in, and then moving on. While the original Crow series involved the protagonist hunting down each member of the gang that killed him, the intellectual level that O'Barr's series functioned at was superior to the Pestilence books in just about every way. While I felt somewhat let down by the last book, the introduction of the idiotic Santa Muerte in book 3 was the stupid icing on the dumbass cake.

    The Final Word:

    Book 2 of this series may have been a stumble from the potential show in the first issue, but this latest release is a flat-out faceplant. I don't have high hopes for book 4.

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