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Samurai Jack #5

    Ian Jane

  • Samurai Jack #5

    Released by: IDW Publishing
    Released on: February 26th, 2014.
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    The fifth issue of IDW's resurrection of Cartoon Network's Samurai Jack is the final issue in the inaugural Threads Of Time storyline. A few splash page style layouts reminds us where Jack's quest has taken him up to this point and how hard he's worked against the odds to gather up the threads he hopes will eventually allow him to travel back in time to his own era.

    From here, he realizes that the final thread is within his grasp and that should he be able to procure it, 'chrono-magic' will be his to yield. And where are the threads he already has guiding him? Aku's fortress, which in a way sees this issue bring things full circle. Meanwhile, in his inner chamber, Aku uses the last thread as dental floss! After that, Aku wonders aloud why he hasn't been bothered by the samurai in some time but then, when he asks his mirror to show him what Jack is up to, soon realizes that he's right behind him.

    Jack unsheathes his sword and attacks Aku, and they engage in a ferocious battle. When Aku wises up to the fact that Jack is after the thread and then realizes why, he ups the ante and… well, we're not going to spoil it but let's just say he brings the fight to the next level and the story in this issue nicely ends in an interesting way the Threads storyline and then, not so surprisingly, sets the stage for what should be the next chapter in the ongoing adventures of a samurai displaced in time.

    Jim Zubkavich's writing continues to honor the original cartoon series and ensure that the character is treated respectfully. This storyline could have very easily been one that was turned into animated form back when the series was still 'new' while the artwork from Andy Suriano continues to feel very much in keeping with the tradition of the character. Thick lines offer some homage to traditional Japanese artwork while the bold use of color and quirky, often times very funny expressions on the faces of the characters that populate the story ensure that we never forget the humorous side of what is explored here. The ending feels a little bit rushed and it might have been nice to see a bit more resolution between Jack and Aku BUT…. there are more adventures to come and had Zub taken things to a more final conclusion, it would have inevitably limited the ability to continue those adventures.

    All in all, Zub and Suriano have done a great job bringing Cartoon Network's coolest sword swinger back to the printed page with the five issues that make up The Threads Of Time. It'll be interesting to see where they take things in the next storyline. Here's hoping that they continue to keep the quality as high as they've managed so far.

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